Your eyes


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(Poesia a duas canetas) por Nuno e Isa

Your mysterious eyes

Your eyes are like a rainbow

Full of colours and life.

Your eyes are like the skies

Full of brightness and infinity

Your eyes are like the ocean

Full of power and emotion

Your eyes are like the sun

Full of light and fun

Your mysterious eyes…


Your eyes see mystery

In mine

And they read them

As if they were a beautiful story

Your eyes

Tell of sweet embraces

That I am safe in your arms.

Your curious eyes

They discover me, slowly, delicately.

Your deep eyes

Eyes were I can float

Calm waters, in strong ocean

Your eyes

Touch me gently

They see me

Your eyes, where I dive

With no fear

Your deep, surprising eyes.


© Nuno e Isa

Publicado originalmente no Instantâneos a preto e branco

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