On the edge

Imagem: pixabay.com

This is me again

On the edge of myself

As if a stranger

Asking for shelter.

The trip is long

It always is

But departure calls


A road reaches an end

Even though there is

No sign

Past and future


But they are alike

And one must go

Without the other.

Moving along

This is me again

On the edge of myself.

© Isa Lisboa

So…About love…


Love is a moment.

That one moment

When everything changes

You realize

There’s a bit of you

Which now lives

In someone else’s.

A moment of pain and bliss.

Blissful pain, perhaps.

Love is the moment

You realize

And the moment

You have no clue.

How to make it right

Is not a question

All is right

Even if it is wrong

All is unsure

But life is an adventure

And love reminds you

To go out and live it.

Love is the moment

Your heart smiles

And hides it’s face

At the same time;

Hope and fear.

Love is so many


Love is but a moment,

But a moment can be


So…about love…

Only lovers know…


© Isa Lisboa