Took a peek

Inside myself

At first sight

Nothing I knew

Ventured to go further


Nothing I’ve ever seen

Where does it all

Cames from?

How can it be me

In the eye of a storm?

Shall I risk

To travel deeper?

How many layers

Of me are there?

If I dare

Will I be able to came back

From behind the mirror?


© Isa Lisboa

Photo by Jenna Hamra on Pexels.com

Annonymous pain

There is

An annonymous pain

That one you feel

When a part of you dies

Greater than the pain;

When you are the one

To inflict

The final



There are times

The sword must be risen

We know it

Don’t want it

But it has to be done.

That one dead limb

Must be eliminated

The fight

Is for survival

Of the best in you

Of the light

Hidden in the dark.

We face the choice

Of letting go

Cutting loose

Until there’s

Nothing left

But who you were in the beginning




Do you remember who you were in the beginning?

Do you remember

Who you were

Before the pain?

Do you remember what caused the pain?


© Isa Lisboa

Photo by lilartsy on Pexels.com


I see distance
From what was
Once pain.
A paved road
Lies behind
Each square
Marking a story.
I see distance
From who
I once were
And yet
I am now
So much closer
To her
The lost girl.
These walls
Are now
Truly a home
My skin
Is now
My own.
I see distance
From all of that
Which created the scars
I see beauty
In each of them
The skin needed
To be cut
And the blood
Needed to be drained.
I see distance
From that time
When the scars
Have slowly disappeared.
I see distance
But I know
That time is there
Waiting for me
In the distance
That I see.

© Isa Lisboa


I seem to forget
For a brief moment
I seem to forget
The different layers
Of evil in the world.
For a brief moment
I am reminded
That good people
Can do bad things
That fear
Can darken a heart.
My heart feels darkened
Seeing that humans forget
Forget that being human
Is being unique
But part of a greater thing.
Humans can be cruel
Even not knowing it
Humans can bring sadness
To hide their own.
Maybe the hardest evil
To fight
Is that one
No one sees
Blended in with normality
Hurting another soul
Because they do not know.
I seem to forget
That people forget.

© Isa Lisboa

On the edge

Imagem: pixabay.com

This is me again

On the edge of myself

As if a stranger

Asking for shelter.

The trip is long

It always is

But departure calls


A road reaches an end

Even though there is

No sign

Past and future


But they are alike

And one must go

Without the other.

Moving along

This is me again

On the edge of myself.

© Isa Lisboa

So…About love…


Love is a moment.

That one moment

When everything changes

You realize

There’s a bit of you

Which now lives

In someone else’s.

A moment of pain and bliss.

Blissful pain, perhaps.

Love is the moment

You realize

And the moment

You have no clue.

How to make it right

Is not a question

All is right

Even if it is wrong

All is unsure

But life is an adventure

And love reminds you

To go out and live it.

Love is the moment

Your heart smiles

And hides it’s face

At the same time;

Hope and fear.

Love is so many


Love is but a moment,

But a moment can be


So…about love…

Only lovers know…


© Isa Lisboa